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An association's own bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Special Rules of Order, and local laws will supersede what Robert's Rules of Order says. A significant difference in facts could result in different conclusions being reached. If there is much at stake, you are urged to consult with a professional parliamentarian, which includes a thorough review of your organization's governing documents and the applicable facts. When complex or contentious situations arise in an association, it is often helpful for an impartial observer to give an objective assessment of the situation and the rules that apply. As an unbiased professional parliamentarian, I can help you sort out the issues and recommend solutions. This can help to resolve conflict within your organization so that those issues will not distract the members from fulfilling the primary goals and mission of your organization.

Even when some members do not agree with the final result, if they feel they have been treated fairly and their voice and concerns have been heard, they are more willing to accept the outcome and support the decisions. Let me help your organization reach that point!

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